Wellbeing Support

5th June 2020

Keeping children safe and happy during school closures

We're sharing resources and guidance with you about helping children to cope with the change and uncertainty we all face.

We've brought together advice and tips, and we'll keep adding to this as things develop, so keep an eye out for new posts. 

Our focus right now is on supporting children's mental wellbeing when many are feeling anxious or confused. And there will be strategies that are useful for us all to work into our new 'normal'.

Staying safe online during school closures

Keeping children safe online has never been more important. As children spend time at home, perhaps with increased access to the internet it's vital that we keep them safe from online exploitation. Click here for guidance and activities and to see our Three Key Things you can do to help children safe online. 

Look after yourself

Good mental health starts with looking after ourselves, so that we can better help others.

Here's some useful advice on how to do this from the charity Mind and the  NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing is a great starting point.

Answering children's questions

For those of you still working in schools, here are some tips on how to talk to children about coronavirus:

Keep it simple - tips from the BBC website.

Kiddle is a useful, safe source of information for children.

Harold's Daily Diary - supporting children's mental health during school closures

Harold is a happy, healthy giraffe and many children will have met him during a visit to the Life Education LifeBus or Lifespace - a special teaching environment where children learn about keeping healthy.

Each day, Harold's diary gets children to think about the different things they need to keep healthy - physically and emotionally. There are ideas for activities, pictures and other resources.


Harold will focus particularly on the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing in child-friendly language. He'sll explain to children how we all need to look after the 5 different areas of our lives.

These are important for children and adults. Each day Harold records in his diary that different things that he's been doing to stay happy and healthy.