Well Shiver me Timbers - It's a Pirate Ship!!!

10th October 2020

St John's staff had an adventure on Saturday collecting and re-siting a Pirate Ship made by Author Andy Seed. The news report above explains how the ship came about and it's thank you to Governor Sue Middleton who contacted Andy to be able to donate the Pirate Ship to St John's C of E Academy.
A special thank you needs to go to Miss Jenkins and her mum who collected the Pirate Ship and to the staff for helping set it up in its new position at St John's; though I think they they had a lot of fun playing with it themselves.
Many thanks to Author Andy Seed who spent many hours creating the pirate ship - it is truly awesome and the children will love it. He has also very kindly donated some books that he has written that I know the children will also love.