The School Day Arrangements including Drop off and Pick Up

1st September 2020

The School Day

Start and End of the Day

Please follow the ‘in and out’ system that we have established in school to drop off and pick up your children from the school wooden gate. Only children and staff are allowed past this point in order to help keep our site safe. Initially we will also continue with the temperature checks that we have put in place to ensure that all children and adults on site are healthy.

We will open the gates at 8:35am for KS1 and KS2 with no siblings (in order to reduce congestion and contact at the start of the day) and from 8:40am for those with Siblings.

All children need to be in class for registration at 8:50am.

For the first couple of weeks EYFS children will be starting at 9:00am – in order to reduce waiting around at school, if you have a sibling they can also start school then during the induction period.  

At the end of the day please walk up the left hand path; line up from the dots starting at the path in front of the wooden gate that will be marked out across the ‘car park’ and when your child comes out of the gate walk towards them to collect them and then walk down the path by the opportunity centre. We are trying to reduce the amount of adults / children gathering together for the safety of all at the school. Please be aware that staff will not be able to chat to individuals at the end of the day. If you need to contact them please email them through the class page or contact the school office. Please also appreciate that staff are extremely busy preparing classes, resources, lessons, teaching, marking and therefore will not be able to reply immediately.

Children can be collected at the end of the school day at the following times:

KS1 no siblings 3:00pm          

KS2 No siblings 3:10pm

Siblings 3:15pm

We ask that you please be patient and do your best to co-operate with us as we all try to adjust to these new timing arrangements in the interest of everyone’s wellbeing.

Break and Lunch

Classes will be separated during the school day with staggered break and lunch times – inside and out; including zoned areas in the playground.

EYFS and KS1 will eat their lunch in the hall – again at staggered times.

KS2 will eat their lunches in the classrooms.

Initially we will be offering Packed Lunches for EYFS, KS1 and FSM children and parents are also able to purchase these; but when we have the kitchen fully opened we will be offering hot lunches. We will provide further details for this in September. The Government will be stopping the FSM Vouchers as everyone should be in school from September.

All children in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal.

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals please complete the on-line application form.


Although we can’t join together for worship in the hall at the moment, we will be continuing with our worship themes and values within our classrooms. This will include bible and moral stories, well-being; church links, videos and zoom sessions.  We will work hard on maintaining our whole school sense of community and school vision of ‘Belonging, Believing, Becoming’.

Our value for Term 1 is Belonging.

School Events

Please note that at this point we do not envisage being able to invite you in for any of the traditional events usually held in the Autumn.

Wrap around Care before and after school

We will be offering wrap around care provision from September. This will be in the school and not the cool kids building and children can be dropped off and picked up from the main office door.

In order for us to provide this support you will need to book in and pay in advance.

Schools are allowed to mix children from different bubbles for this as numbers will be small and infection control measures are clear.


Please ensure your child dresses in the school’s uniform including the school PE kit and provide a raincoat and suitable footwear.

Bags and belongings

All children will need to bring a named drinks bottle in with them with only water or squash.

EYFS and KS1 children DO NOT need to bring in their own snack – we provide fruit and veg as part of the government scheme and therefore children do not need anything else.

KS2 children shall bring into school a healthy snack (preferably fruit and vegetables).

Children cannot bring big bags or rucksacks to school. We do not have storage room and are limiting any clutter so that surfaces can be cleaned properly, so please do not buy a new special bag ready for September.