Term 5

20th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers
Welcome to the start of our first remote summer term! A new experience for all of us. I hope that you and your family managed to enjoy a good Easter, despite the  restrictions and enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine.
We have all had to adapt to new ways of working over the last few weeks. We will continue to set some home learning tasks that your child/children could be undertaking during this time. Our core aim is to keep the skills that your child has already learnt in school fresh in their mind. So daily reading, spelling, some writing such as a diary as well as some number work. A new pack of worksheets and ideas will be delivered to your home shortly.
We have no expectation during this exceptional time about the amount of time children will spend on these activities. Spending time together reading a book, digging the garden, planting, cooking, arts and crafts and  going out for walks, cycling and exercising is hugely important. We recognise that many of you are also trying to undertake your own jobs remotely and there may well be times when undertaking any of the home learning is simply not possible. 

Keeping Everyone Safe Online


At this time children are likely to be spending more time on line.

Keeping children safe online when they are using technology remains a high priority for all of us.

Please be assured that when we have suggested online platforms to support your child with home learning tasks, we have fully considered your child’s safety .

Please could we ask you to support us by ensuring that the  age-appropriate parental controls are activated to fully safeguard your child.  If you have any concerns or questions about keeping your child safe online, the links below have some excellent advice and guidance for parents about how to ensure your child’s safety.





Support for Children

We recognise that this is an anxious time for families and for children. Children may have some questions about Coronavirus.  The illustrator of “The Gruffalo” has worked with some medics to produce a book for children that you could read together that may help with supporting their questions. 



Coram Education

Coram Education have made some resources for parents that can support these anxious times and questions through a character called Harold.




The Department for Educationhas produced some advice for parents and carers on how to support children at this time and you may find this helpful.




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