School Closure Update

5th January 2021

What an unexpected start to the new school term, which has meant a huge amount of work to pull together the provision for both pupils in school and at home for the forthcoming weeks in line with the latest DFE expectations. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to ensure that tomorrow, we can open safely to those pupils who are eligible


The provision we will now provide to all children will be slightly different from that we provided as a school for an individual bubble closure. We must educate both pupils in school and at home and therefore our remote learning plan will look a little different to that in place before.


From tomorrow if your child has been allocated a place at school this means that they are expected to be in school daily as we are teaching our usual timetable and curriculum.

If your child is receiving remote learning this will be set via a combination of online, email and paper based activities. On-line platforms include Tapestry ay EYFS, Seesaw at Year 1 and Year 2 and Atom at KS2. The expectations from the Department for Education, that you may well have read about, is that in Primary Schools there is an expectation of 3 hours learning per day and that of this learning, the core work will be equivalent to the English and maths teaching pupils would receive when in school.  This does not mean though that children will receive 3 hours of live learning. Rather that there will be tasks set, with frequent and clear explanations of the new content children are learning from their class teacher or through sources such as a video, or a PowerPoint with a voice over to explain. These will sit alongside tasks pupils can do independently. 


As a school we recognise having learnt from the first lockdown experience that the pressure on online services causes additional issues for families during this time, therefore, we have also made sure that the activities we have planned include a mix of online and offline tasks so that this can fit in alongside your own work patterns.


Staff will be in touch at least once a week to check in with you and your child about how they are, how they are getting on with their learning, as well as the elements that they are finding tricky and what we can do to support you at this time. Where required, support will be offered to overcome misconceptions or in the case of the work not being sufficiently challenging, again responding to this so that future work planned helps them move forward.


Please remember that staff are teaching daily as well as delivering remote learning and therefore will not be able to reply immediately to emails and phone calls.


Keeping children safe online when they are using technology remains a high priority for all of us. Please be assured that when we have suggested online platforms to support your child with home learning tasks, we have fully considered your child’s safety .  If you have any concerns or questions about keeping your child safe online, the links below have some excellent advice and guidance for parents about how to ensure your child’s safety.


We recognise that this is an anxious time for families and for children. Children may have some questions about Coronavirus.  The illustrator of “The Gruffalo” has worked with some medics to produce a book for children that you could read together that may help with supporting their questions.


Additionally, Coram Education who work closely with schools through their work with PSHCE curriculum have some resources for parents that can support these anxious times and questions including the use of  Harold, a character that will be well known to most of them from teaching in school and his daily diary.  The link for this website can be found here.



As always should you have any concerns , or questions, please do contact us via the school office via or if it is regarding your child’s learning please contact the class teacher via email or the on-line platform.

Please be assured of our continued best wishes for you and your families.

We will look forward to seeing you all again soon .