Leavers Day 2020

17th July 2020

Welcome to Your  Leavers’ Service! 
Welcome to this year’s special e-service ‘Moving On’ in which we say thank you to God for our family of schools in the Diocese of Gloucester and for one another.  We hope that in your school communities and homes you can join together with us, virtually.  We hope that you have time to reflect on your time at a Church of England school and realise how much you have discovered about the world, who you are and how much God loves you.  We are praying that despite the current challenges that you may be facing and that we face nationally and globally you enjoy the service and that it is a special time for every one of you because every one of you is special.  With all good wishes and prayers from us all.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Be brave about meeting new people and trying something you haven’t done before.

Have big dreams and ambitions. Don’t worry if they don’t happen, try something else.

Remember the story of the 3 trees.

Learn from your mistakes;  'I can't do it yet!'

Stay positive.

Try new things and make new friends.

Always be true to yourself. Never try to be what you are not.

Most importantly. Have fun and enjoy life.

Smile and make others smile around you. 

Be kind.

Enjoy your summer break and good luck in secondary school.


Mrs Howell and everyone at St John's C of E Academy

Dear Lord,
We thank you for all the great things we have done at this school.
We have learnt so much; we have had fun; we have grown up.
Look after us as we prepare for a future in a new school.
Help us stay true to the faith and values that have been so important in this school.
Help us aspire to be more.