Church Links

Acts of worship at St. John’s are delivered in accordance with the traditions, principles and practices of the Church of England.  They are planned around whole school Christian values, e.g. friendship, wisdom, perseverance.  Children lead worship on a weekly basis, whilst other children help the 'Open the Book' team in their telling of Bible stories.  
Support is received from local churches, the Diocese of Gloucester and the community.  The Reverend Sarah Bick leads worship on a weekly basis.  We frequently visit the Baptist Church for worship, including services for Christmas, Easter and Harvest.
We also have links with a local church organisation - The Mustard Tree. The Mustard Tree are a family orientated Christian group that uses the school for monthly gatherings where they offer activities, games and a small meal for local families. The group also lead whole school worship on a termly basis and actively support the school during the week. 
Church schools were established in a ‘tradition of Christian commitment to education to serve local communities or parishes’.  Parents have the right to withdraw their child(ren) from the daily act of worship (Education Act 1988).  Any parent wishing to do so will be required to make a written request to the Principal.
          Belonging          Perseverance          Respect          Forgiveness          Truth          Aspiration