Acts of Kindness

4th February 2021

A kind act is like throwing a pebble in the water; the ripples spread, and kindness inspires others to be kind. Kindness has a reproduction rate of its own. The more we do individually, the kinder we become collectively, and helping each other becomes the norm, not just a few random acts of charity. 

How we can all make the world a kinder place?

  • try and make someone smile during the day

  • you should expect nothing back, because then you feel the kindness more when you receive it  

  • you should try and put a smile on your face, for you and others 

  • And lastly, know it is okay to have bad days, we all have them 

If we tried just a little bit more, smile once more a year, hold open one more door, we could make the world a kinder place. Because one smile a day, from every person, is over seven billion smiles.