Girls’ School Uniform
Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
White polo shirt or blouse
Grey or black skirt or pinafore dress
Green and white checked/striped summer dress
Grey or black trousers (no leggings)
White socks; black, green, grey or white tights
Black shoes (No trainers)
Items of school uniform, PE bags and book bags with an embroidered school logo, are available direct from either www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/stjohns or www.myclothing.com(previously known as Tesco)

Boys’ School Uniform
Bottle green sweatshirt with logo
White polo shirt or shirt
Grey or black trousers
Grey or black short trousers
Grey or black socks
Black shoes (No trainers)


PE Uniform

The children must also have a school PE kit.  This is worn instead of uniform on the days which they have PE.  This may consist of the following:


  • Black hoodie with the school logo
  • T shirt in your child's house colour 
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with the school logo
  • Black shorts with the school logo.
  • Black skorts with the school logo.
The minimum your child needs for school is a hoodie, t-shirt and shorts/skorts. 
Any further items are at parent/carer's discretion. 

This can be purchased from Harris Sport, either on line or by completing a form at school.


To order online please visit the following site: 




The wearing of jewellery (other than watches) is discouraged and, if earrings are worn, then only studs or small sleepers are recommended for safety reasons. Earrings may not be worn during PE lessons or swimming. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.


For health and safety reasons the following footwear is not allowed for any pupil:
High heels or platforms, open toed sandals, fashion shoes, flip flops or ‘Croc’ style shoes