Our Vision and Values

Our Vision 
Belonging   Believing   Becoming
At St. John's Church of England Academy we believe that every child has the right to a great education. We aim to offer a quality education and to embed Christian values so that every child can achieve their full potential. Every child in our school will have their individual needs supported. 
Our Values
We believe that St John's is a special place and our shared Christian values are pivotal to this. As a Church of England Academy we have values that are rooted within Christian teaching, whilst recognising that these are also important to other faiths, cultures and those of no faith within our community. These values underpin our school community and inform our school’s vision, aims and ethos, the design of our curriculum, our policies and planning and the school’s management and governance. 
In 2019 we revisited our Christian values. Every child voted for the particular values they believed represented our school. Our chosen values are:
Belonging      Truth      Perseverance      Respect       Aspiration      Forgiveness
Our values are on display around our school. We learn about stories from the bible that demonstrate these values and about how they help us all to develop our understanding of how we can live these values out through our own actions.
Collective Worship
At St John's we recognise the value of daily collective worship to allow pupils to talk about what they see and hear from the Bible, and how it impacts on all aspects of life, both in and out of school. Collective worship is planned to include biblical material and Christian teaching, focusing on Jesus Christ and on God as Father and Holy Spirit. Pupils take an active part in worship and we welcome in visitors from a range of Christian traditions to lead and take part in our daily worship.

Spirituality at St. John’s Church of England Primary Academy


At St. John’s spirituality is about an awareness that there is something other, something greater than the course of everyday life, that can be expressed through our own experiences, religious beliefs and practices.


At St. John’s we believe that spirituality is free, exploratory and creative. Spirituality is about having a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and promotes self, well-being and helps to support inner health. It involves the search for individual identity - with our responses to challenging experiences, such as death and suffering, and with our sense of awe and wonder in the world.  


It makes time to enjoy those WOW moments – finding wonder and delight in things e.g. maths, the world, a flower…


…and time to ponder those OW moments – when bad things happen e.g. dealing with difficult circumstances such as personal pain or the suffering of others.


At St. John’s spirituality refers to ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Spirituality means giving time to reflect on life’s big questions of meaning and purpose in life and having opportunities to consider the values by which to live.


We believe spirituality enriches individuals in their understanding of and ability to relate to others and to society as a whole – our relationships with ourselves, our family, our friends, those around us, God and all creation.


This can be seen in school through:

Foundation Stage – Pupils will have an open mind and a readiness to use their imagination. They will have a lively sense of curiosity and be accepting of wonder and excitement.

KS1 – Pupils have a natural inquisitiveness about themselves and others; they think about things they value and how they are special to them. They have a natural openness to awe and wonder and are enthusiastic for new experiences. Pupils ask questions.

 KS2 – Pupils become increasingly interested in the big questions about life and living. They ask questions but now want to move onto finding reasons and answers. Increasingly, they are fascinated by uncertainty and truth.