Lateral Flo Testing

28th January 2021

Lateral Flow Testing for Staff in Primary Schools.

As some of you might have heard on the news, Lateral Flow Tests have been made available for regular staff testing in Primary Schools. These will be taken twice weekly. This is intended to identify positive cases of coronavirus from staff who are asymptomatic. (1 in 3 people with Covid-19 don’t have any symptoms). 

We warmly welcome the introduction of rapid testing for our staff as we strive to make our school as safe as possible for everyone. 

If a staff member tests positive following testing using a Lateral Flow Test, they then need to have this confirmed by taking a PCR test with results normally available within 48 hours.

The safety of our school community is extremely important to us, therefore we would take these actions should a member of staff have a positive Lateral Flow Test:

  • Bubble/s would temporarily close immediately.
  • Staff member would have a PCR test.
  • If the member of staff’s PCR test is negative – the bubble/s would open the following day after confirmation of the negative result.
  • If the member of staff’s PCR test is positive – the bubble/s would remain closed and with all members of that bubble needing to isolate for 10 days.