Information for Parents

Remote learning in 2020/21, as consequence of the Coronavirus global pandemic, has taken on a new meaning to all schools up and down the country. At St John's Church of England Academy we have decided to base our approach around the following principles:
  • We want the children in our school to feel like they still belong to our community even when they are learning from home.

  • Learning from home should be a natural progression from learning in school.

  • Barriers are removed to ensure that all children have the same learning experience from home.

We have reflected upon what worked well last year for home learning and where we can improve further. 

We recognise the importance of maintaining high expectations in all areas of school life and ensuring that all pupils have access to the learning resources and support they need to succeed.

As many more children are working online and have access to the internet, please be extra vigilant to ensure that you have the appropriate filters at home, that your children are where possible, in the room with you and that you check in with them.


For further information on keeping your children safe on line, please follow the link below.

Please contact us if you require any IT provision and support.
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