COVID Arrangements for September 2021

1st September 2021

COVID Arrangements for September 2021

We will be maintaining our COVID arrangements with masks on school site, social distancing, hand washing, one-way system  and drop off and pick up arrangements at the start of the Autumn Term in order to avoid any confusion and provide a settled start to the new academic year. I hope that this will reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our school community remains a high priority.

COVID – Summary

  • If a child has symptoms, however mild, please don’t send them in. We will also send children home who show symptoms, however mild.
  • A child only needs to isolate if (a) they are showing symptoms (b) they have had a positive result (c) they are instructed to by NHS Track and Trace or St Mark’s. (d) they are on quarantine from a red country.
  • A child doesn’t need to isolate if (a) a child or adult in their class tests positive (b) they are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, including someone in their own household such as mum, dad, brother or sister.
  • Please continue to contact us to inform us of symptoms/positive cases, although NHS Track and Trace are taking over contact tracing.
  • Unless there is an outbreak, classes won’t be closed if there is a positive case. This is government guidance.

COVID – Positive Cases and Isolation

As was the case last year, if your child has any Covid-19 symptoms, you should keep them off school and book a PCR test. If the test is positive, your child cannot attend school and will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the onset of the symptoms or the date of the test if there were no symptoms. 

Day 1 starts the next full day. NHS Track and Trace will then contact you to establish who your child’s close contacts were.

If someone within a class or group tests positive, there is no longer a need for the whole class/group to self-isolate. If NHS Track And Trace contact you because your child is deemed a close contact, you should book your child a PCR test. If they are positive they then need to isolate otherwise they can continue at school.

If someone in your household receives a positive PCR test, we would strongly encourage you to book PCR tests for all the family members. If they are positive, they will need to isolate but if negative and either U18 or fully vaccinated, they do not need to isolate. Similarly, all staff who are a fully vaccinated also do not need to isolate if they are a close contact.

All staff are doing regular LFD tests to try and help prevent infection being introduced into the school and causing disruption to the children’s education. 

COVID- What arrangements are the same at school?

  • Washing hands and good respiratory hygiene
  • Enhanced cleaning – extra cleaning for regularly touched surfaces/equipment
  • Ventilation – windows and doors open 
  • Masks to be worn by parents and carers when on site
  • Adults – please phone / email to speak to the office and if you need to make an appointment with a member of staff.
  • Staff are carrying out LFD tests twice a week
  • Children and staff will go home if they show symptoms
  • Drop off and pick-up from the main school gate.
  • Soft start from 8:35. All children must be in school for 8:50. The school gates will close at 8:50, after this time families will need to register through the main office.  
  • We will continue with our pick up at the main school gates: EYFS / KS1 non-siblings 3:05. KS2 Non siblings 3:10. Siblings 3:15.
  • Classes will still have set times in the lunch hall and playground / field.
  • Work will be provided if a child is self-isolating and is well enough to access it

COVID – What’s arrangements are different at school?

  • We no longer do any contact tracing – NHS Track & Trace do this. We will keep some records though.
  • Double-vaccinated adults and anyone under 18 do not have to isolate, even if someone in their household has COVID or symptoms. A PCR test is strongly advised.
  • ‘Bubbles’ or classes won’t close unless there is an outbreak (essentially 5 or more cases and advised by PHE).