Collective Worship and Spirituality

As a Church of England school, we have a daily act of collective worship in which we read stories which tie in closely to our six Christian values. Sometimes these stories are from the Bible and sometimes they are from other faiths or they are stories that help us explore a value or a moral. Worship is led by the school's senior leadership team, our local 'Open the Book' team (accompanied by Y5 children from Elm class) and our vicar, Sarah Bick. During worship we sing songs and hymns and we also have the opportunity for reflection and quiet thought. 
Additionally, we celebrate the children's achievements. Every Friday we enjoy a celebration worship in which we recognise those children who, for many reasons, have excelled in their learning and have demonstrated our core Christian values throughout the school week. 
Through our weekly singing worship we work hard to learn a range of songs while improving our singing technique. Miss Milne leads worship and the children love the different songs we are now singing.

Prayer Spaces
Children at St. John’s cherish times at school when they can pray and reflect and at St. John’s we aim to offer and environment where children are given space and time to do so in their own personal way. The school regularly creates prayer spaces for children and adults to visit and offer prayers for either different times of the church’s year or at times within the school year that might be particularly challenging for children, for example when children are moving on to new year groups.