Behaviour at St John's

A Pivotal approach to behaviour
In February 2017, we worked alongside Pivotal Education to develop our most recent behaviour policy to ensure every child at St John's understands what good learning behaviour is and is rewarded for displaying this in the school day. 
Here is a message from Paul and Ollie at Pivotal to give you an overview of the approach:
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Our School Rules
We now have three school rules:
We are safe
We are respectful 
We are ready to learn
These three rules are well known by the children and are ever present throughout the school, via displays and the language staff use across all areas of the school. 
Our Rewards
At St John's we are committed to ensuring our focus is on those children who come to school every day and follow the school rules, displaying excellent learning behaviour and self discipline. To recognise and reward these children, the staff at St John's will consistently use a range of positive reinforcement strategies:
  • Praise: Your child will regularly hear positive praise from the various adults they work alongside throughout the school day. 
  • House points: Your child will collect house points for their amazing attitude towards their learning which will go towards a team prize at the end of the year. 
  • Notes home: Your child may receive a special note home from a member of staff to recognise their excellent behaviour which you can proudly place on the fridge. 
  • Phone calls home: Every week staff will make the effort to phone parents, to share the excellent behaviour of various children
  • Hot Chocolate Friday: Your child will love it when they are nominated by the adults in their class for Hot Chocolate Friday! One child from each class is nominated for going over and above the school's expectations and will enjoy a hot chocolate with the head teacher. 
  • Golden Time: Awarded every two weeks, children who have followed our school rules will receive Golden Time which is planned for by the class teachers. This is a treat and could range from structured games to watching a film and eating some popcorn. 
Adult Behaviour
At St John's we believe that adult behaviour is the most important factor when managing the behaviour of our children. The staff at St John's are committed to ensuring we: 
  • Are calm and consistent 
  • Model the behaviour we expect
  • Are fair and have high expectations
  • Maintain first attention to best conduct
  • Rigorously focus on positively reinforcing behaviour
As key partners of the school, we expect parents and carers to support our behaviour policy by also modelling the expected behaviour when on the school grounds. 
At St John's we expect every child to follow the school rules and enjoy the various reward systems we have in place, However, on occasions it will be necessary to use sanctions to allow children time to reflect on their choices and the impact these have on their learning. 
The staff at St John's consistently use a step by step approach to managing poor behaviour, using a shared dialogue, and we believe our approach will support children to take ownership for their behaviour and avoid any sanctions. 
For more information on our sanctions, as well as any other aspects of behaviour management at St John's, please feel free to read our policy below.