Good attendance is central to raising pupil standards and attainment. Pupils must attend regularly and be at school on time every day the school is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.

Regular absence will seriously affect a child’s learning.

Ensuring a child’s attendance at school is a parental responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason creates an offence in law and may result in prosecution.

The school day starts at 8.50am. Pupils are expected to be in the playground before this time ready to enter school. The gate is opened at 8.40am.

Pupils arriving between 9.00 - 9.20am. will receive a late mark. They will also miss valuable lesson time and distract the rest of the class on arrival – regular, poor punctuality is not acceptable.

At 9.20am. the registers are closed. If arriving after this time, the parent/pupil is asked to sign a record file stating the arrival time. The pupil will be given an unauthorised absence mark on the register.

Mr Le Templier or a member of SLT will meet with parents/carers of children who are persistently late to resolve the problem.

When a child is absent from school, parents/carers should notify the school on the first day of absence before 9.20 a.m. and provide the reason for absence.

Examples of Authorised Absences:

  • illness
  • examination
  • family bereavement
  • sporting activity
  • religious observance/festival
  • medical/dental appointment where the appointment cannot be arranged out of school hours

Examples of Unauthorised Absences:

  • truancy
  • any unexplained absence
  • going shopping
  • having hair cut
  • staying at home to look after young children or sick relatives
  • holidays that have not been given authorized approval

Every school day counts!

365 days in a year

190 days in a school year

This leaves 175 days for holidays, shopping and appointments!

Our attendance target this year is 100%. Please help us to achieve this.

Holidays during Term Time

Time off school for family holidays is not a right (Section 444(1), Education Act, 1996). Authorisation for holidays will not be given, only in ‘exceptional circumstances’, e.g. service families where one member has just returned from active service, family bereavement

A pupil’s absence can seriously disrupt the continuity of their learning. Not only do they miss the teaching provided on the days they are away, they are also less prepared for lessons upon their return. There is a consequent risk of under achievement which you must seek to avoid.

If you feel you need to take a holiday in exceptional circumstances, please ask the school for a holiday form to complete prior to booking.

Penalty notices for periods of unauthorized absence, e.g. holidays, may be issued. Each parent will be expected to pay £50 per child. This amount will rise if the penalty is not paid within the time limit. Failure to pay will result in prosecution and a criminal record. For further information, please refer to

Monitoring Attendance

When an explanation has not been provided for absence, parents/carers are contacted on the first day by the School Administrative Officer

If a pupil’s attendance falls below 90%, parents are sent a letter outlining the situation.

Attendance data is issued with each pupil report in July

Attendance is a regular agenda item at Governing Body meetings.

Concerns of attendance and/or punctuality record and unauthorized absence will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer who may then contact you to discuss the situation and work with you to improve attendance.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Education Welfare Officer to ask for help or information. They are independent of the school and give impartial advice. Phone: 01452 550505


Phone the school on the first day of absence before 9.20 a.m. on 01594 832046

An answer machine is available to take your message early in the morning if necessary.

Take annual holidays in set school breaks.

The school’s close working partnership with parents helps to ensure that good attendance is achieved. We hope parents will support our good practice in informing us of any absence as soon as possible.