Advent Week 3

12th December 2021

Third Sunday of Advent
Luke 3: 10 - 18
In today's reading, people ask John the Baptist how to prepare for the coming of Jesus. 
He says that sharing is one of the most important things. If we share the light of Jesus we can see so much more!
If we share the light of Jesus we can light up the whole world!
How do you think we can share the light of Jesus with others?
God of life,
We give thanks for all those people who are kind to us. Help us to be the best people that we can be in preparation for the coming of your Son, Jesus.
Sending messages at Christmas time is an important part of celebrating the season. Why not design, create and write your own Christmas cards for people today? 
Staying healthy is something that has been on all our minds this year, even more than usual. Jesus healed many people. While we may not be able to heal people ourselves, we can support others when they are feeling under the weather. How could you help someone who is feeling ill today?