Advent Readings and Activities Week 1

28th November 2021

November 28th
A priest named Zecharia was busy in the Temple when he had a big SURPRISE!
Read about it in Luke Ch1 v 5-14
November 29th
Zecharia did not believe Angel Gabriel.
Read Luke Ch1 v 20 - 22 to see what happened.
November 30th
How did Zecharia make himself understood?
Work out a sign for SURPRISE
December 1st
Can you surprise your family by not saying anything for 10 minutes?
December 2nd
Zecharia's wife, Elizabeth had a baby boy and they named him John. Everyone was surprised. Why?
Read Luke Ch1 V 61 - 63
December 3rd
Can you make 8 more words from SURPRISE?
December 4th
Let us Pray
God of surprises we thank you for the beautiful world we live in.
Help us to look after it.
December 5th
Mary was surprised in her home.
Rearrange these letters to find the name of her home town.